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Hi, I’m Janet and since making 1st vows on 8th January 2016 I have been part of this community. After making my vows I went to Argentina for 3 months, primarily to learn Spanish but it also gave me an opportunity to experience being an rscj in a very different context to here. It was a wonderful experience. 

When I returned from that adventure I took up volunteering with Rahab again. Rahab is a charity offering support, practical help and friendship to women who may have been trafficked and are working in the sex industry in London. I have been volunteering with them for 3 years and it is a real gift to me. I find that the women I am supposed to be ministering to are in fact ministering to me. They are intelligent and generous, welcoming me to share a glimpse of their life: it is an honour. No Tuesday evening is ever the same, I may meet a woman in their flat, or for a coffee, cinema trip or game of badminton. 

In September I began studying Psychology and Counselling at St Mary's University in Twickenham - the desire to begin this course came out of my experience with Rabab. I felt it would add to my skills in the volunteer role as well as opportunities for future ministries. The course is proving to be really interesting, especially writing an essay answering “Why can’t you tickle yourself?”. Alongside this I am a school governor at Sacred Heart High School, this feels rather daunting at times but I am really enjoying this role and the different perspective of education. I am in awe of the dedication of the staff and fellow governors to Sacred Heart education. I am learning so much about education and especially Sacred Heart education in a contemporary context. 

I am also part of the Province Lifelong Learning Group and ministry to young adults group.  

The important thing in all of this is that I do not do it alone, but with my sisters; in my immediate community and wider province community. The support of community along with personal prayer feeds into and inspires my ministry and how I go about ministry. My ministry also feeds into and inspires my prayer. In all aspects of life as rscj I learn more about God and myself in relationship to God in times set aside for prayer and in the world around me. 

When I am not reading for study or governing matters I love music. I have an eclectic taste in the music I listen to and I'm lucky to be able to play the guitar. My appreciation of nature leads me to make time for walking and photography. Photography has become a tool for contemplation for me, to look differently and notice the small ways God is revealed through creation: a ray of light; frosty leaf, a  bee diving into the flower, a new bud, a cry of justice or a message of hope daubed on a wall, a smile at a bus stop - all reveals something about God to me. 

I am excited by the continuing adventure with God and my sisters.