...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...


In September 2014 Sacred Heart Fenham hosted Heartfest 2 for our English Schools Network. Sixty-five students and sixteen staff from all our schools came together for a couple of days of activities, fun, song and prayer. The sun shone as everyone arrived (we'd had mist for the week before) and they enjoyed the sights of the Quayside and the Angel of the North.

The evenings were spent at our Diocesan Youth Village and Tuesday at the schools. We had a Janet Stuart trail, silk painting, singing with actions in school and games plus all kinds of icebreaker activities at the Village. Three RSCJ - Barbara Sweeney, Margaret Wilson and Doreen Bell joined the group alongside staff and governors, past and present and other students from Sacred Heart High and Primary in Fenham for a fantastic and prayerful Liturgy in the afternoon. Thanks to all (and they were MANY) who made it work so well.