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During Easter week RSCJ from this Province were joined by RSCJ from Ireland-Scotland for a joint post-Chapter assembly. These meetings take place throughout the world in the months after a General Chapter, and are an opportunity to reflect and discern how we can concretely live the Chapter calls and challenges.



We met at High Leigh in Herts - 66 of us in total. Our numbers were swelled by two pre-probanists, from Brazil and Peru, currently in England for their international experiences, and by three visitors from the mother house: Barbara Dawson, our new Superior General, Isabelle Lagneau, the Central Team's new link with both our Provinces, and Marie-Jeanne Elonga, who was coming to the end of two months of language study in England.


For three days we prayed, reflected and shared, in small groups and large assembly, at tables whose centrepieces reminded us of Philippine Duchesne's courageous voyage to new frontiers. Each morning we were nourished by the Gospel of that day, in which the Risen Jesus talked, walked and ate with his disciples, challenging and encouraging them beyond their fears and showing them their new mission. And that is how it was for us, as we too were led, beyond anxieties and limitations, to discern and explore what we can do more fruitfully together, to strengthen and extend the life and mission of the Society in our countries. Several ideas emerged, for networking, or collaboration on joint projects or issues, which are being taken forward by small groups or else considered by the Provincial Teams. 


At the end of the assembly Barbara Dawson gave us all a short address, and a candle for each one, to take the energy and the light of the assembly with us, back to our communities and our ministries. And so we left, enlivened and energised by our time together, and looking forward to living the meeting's calls and ideas jointly.



















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