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On Thursday 17th May former colleagues, friends and students of Sisters Joan Scott and Norah Lester gathered for a Memorial Mass in thanksgiving for all they had given the high school in Fenham, and to the North East. The readings and hymns were based on choices they had made themselves for their funeral services. Mary Hinde RSCJ spoke about Joan and Margaret Wilson RSCJ about Norah, each bringing out other elements of their lives, such as Joan's founding of Llannerchwen and Norah's prison work. Several other RSCJ living in Newcastle and Co Durham were also present (and are pictured below). 


The Mass took place in the new Rose Auditorium, named after St Rose Philippine Duchesne, and lovely refreshments were provided in the Undercroft, a new space created for staff and such receptions, where the Green Room had previously been.




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