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The Society came to England in 1842 and eventually bought the property of Elm Grove in Roehampton, and founded a school there. For 45 guineas p.a. the pupils were housed, cared for and taught. The school was organised on French lines, not immediately popular with its would-be pupils, but the organisation was gradually modified and the school became more successful. The site has a long history, including being the home, for his last years, of William Harvey, who discovered the circulation of the blood.

Over the years the site has evolved from that of a small boarding school for girls, to a teacher training college which later diversified to provide other courses, and eventually federated with three other local colleges (Whitelands, Southlands, and Froebel). This Institute became the University of Roehampton in 2004.

Life in the last years of the boarding school

A student in the last years of the training college

Roehampton's Transition into University Status

RSCJ presence in Roehampton today

Although we are only slightly involved in the life of the University today, many RSCJ live in the area. Click on each community to read more.


Rodway Road Community live nearby, are involved with some aspects of University life, support the chaplaincy and the students in Barat House, who aim to live as a community.

Duchesne House, on the other side of Roehampton Lane, is the community for our Sisters who are in need of care.

New House Community, separate from but on the site of Duchesne House provides much RSCJ support for that community.

The Sacred Heart Chapel is on the Digby Stuart campus, between the college chapel and Barat House