...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...


Where we live and what we do

In all the circumstances of our life, wherever our mission leads us our sole purpose in living 

is to glorify the Heart of Jesus, to discover and make known His Love.

(Constitutions, para 179)


RSCJ live in diverse settings in England and Wales, and in diverse configurations of community. Some members of our Province also serve in other countries. We all share our desire to make known God's love, with the many people with whom we work. 

We aim to serve with the hearts of educators, and within this we have a variety of ministries. We work in schools, parishes, dioceses, hospitals, retreat centres, chaplaincies, community centres, universities and many other places. We work as teachers, counsellors, spiritual directors, chaplains, befrienders; others as writers or in workshops for sacred dance; others again in local projects, administration, social outreach and youth work. 

There are around 70 RSCJ in the Province of England and Wales. You can find our communities in the heart symbols on the map, or via the links below.





Newcastle upon Tyne

Wingrove Road




Forest Gate


Duchesne House

Rodway Road

New House and 1B

We also have Sisters from this province living and working in Binegar, Hereford, Jakarta, Rome and Toronto.




Wingrove Road Community Walker Community Llannerchwen Community Hammersmith Community Duchesne House Community Woking Community Barat House Community New House Community Forest Gate Community