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Bute Gardens Hammersmith

The Society has been in Hammersmith since 1893, when we bought the redundant diocesan seminary building on Hammersmith Road and set up a community and school there. After having passed through several metamorphoses, the high school is still there today.

In 1925, as the school was expanding, the Society bought several houses along an adjacent road - Bute Gardens - initially intending to demolish them and provide more space for the growing school. However, only three were demolished before the others became listed, as they had been built in the early 1800s, and could not be changed. Today they are used for our provincial offices, for hospitality, and as living spaces for RSCJ.

Anne, Lorna and Silvana live at number 11, where they aim to be a low-key yet visible sign of God’s and the Society’s presence in Hammersmith - in the parish, with the school and with others in the area. Anne looks after the Province's hospitality provision, and the community extend hospitality to RSCJ and other visitors from near and far. 


Eileen and Pat also live in Bute Gardens, and share with us something of their lives here.