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DUCHESNE HOUSE Aubyn Square Roehampton Lane London  SW15 5ND

Twenty of the elders and frail of the province live in the community of Duchesne House which is a registered care home for members of the Society and, as such, subject to statutory regulations and inspections.

Inspection reports often comment on the uniqueness of the place in their experience: they particularly remark on the sense of community, of shared values and history, the fact that the sisters belong to a wider international group and are in touch with different parts of the world. They notice the level of lively conversation over coffee and meals and comment on the sense of purpose that pervades the pattern of life structured round the Eucharist, prayer and reading.

In fact, it is surely an unsung miracle that twenty people, each with her own struggle with mobility, failing faculties, frustrations and limitations and with enormously diverse temperaments and experiences, commit themselves to live in community, caring for each other, valuing the contribution of each one.

A staff of thirty, of different ages, nationalities and faith traditions bring their high level of professional skills, and equally important, their warmth of friendship, patience and love to their place of work. Certainly, sisters and staff form one community where people care for and are interested in each other. Celebrating different cultural seasons and feasts especially Diwali, Eid and of course the feasts and seasons of the Christian year is a distinctive character of this community.

For those who wish, there is the opportunity to do Tai Chi (for all ages and levels of mobility) or join the art project which is linked to two other groups in London.

We have occasional concerts given by the students from Roehampton University and often make our own entertainments.

Come and visit us and perhaps join the small group of volunteers who help with liturgy, driving, shopping or with the library. We also welcome people to join us and our friends from the parish, for daily Mass in our lovely chapel which, to our delight, we share with the children of Sacred Heart Primary school on Fridays.

Duchesne Hug