...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...

RSCJ FOREST GATE , 159 Boleyn Road , Forest Gate , London E7 9QH

Here in this multi-cultural, multi-faith, rainbow-coloured corner of London, we experience God at the heart of our world. RSCJ have been here since 1992: a quiet, reflective presence, committed to building community - both civil and religious; striving to be open to others and to respond to new and existing needs.

We experience God through the strong faith of our Muslim neighbours and colleagues, the generous hospitality of Sikhs and the goodwill of people of all faiths and none.

Within the East End we have our varied ministries and involvements, through which we are enriched and receive so much:

  • Supporting a local refugee and migrant project
  • English Language teaching for immigrants
  • Spiritual direction and offering a “listening ear"
  • Taking part in interfaith and other events that foster community cohesion

At Boleyn Road community house we pray and reflect together, struggle and support each other, as we seek to listen and learn, to be attentive to whatever God may be saying

We know that God is here in today’s situations of pain, destitution and insecurity, as well as joy, growth and empowerment. It can be hard to remember, but we know God is with us especially when we are confronted by our own powerlessness in the face of someone’s desperation and in these days of financial instability. God lives in our littered alleyways, as much as in our well-tended public park. As women of heart, called to love, we are glad to be here. The Heart of God both beats and is pierced in this place.