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Some members of the Province, who have died in recent years, had articles on this website. These have been gathered into this archive, in memory of our sisters and their lives given in love and service. You can read their obituaries in the News Archive for the year in which they died.

Sue Acheson RSCJ (1954 - 2015)  Personal profile  Conferences on Janet Stuart (videos)

Vivien Bowman RSCJ (1924 - 2013)  Discovering and making known    Interfaith in Leeds 2012

Kay Killoran RSCJ (1915 - 2014)  Discovering and making known

Frances Lynch RSCJ (1930 - 2015)  Uganda-Kenya Golden jubilee  Personal profile

Mary McKeone RSCJ (1932 - 2012)  The spirituality of calligraphy

April O'Leary RSCJ (1922 - 2013)  Discovering and making known

Poetry by both Mary and April is in the Prayer & Reflection Archive.


In September 2015 we closed our house and student hostel community in Oxford and handed its management over to one of the colleges. You can read about the history of the house and its ever-changing community, and view videos here...

Sadly, Leeds community was closed in August 2013, as one of the RSCJ members (Vivien Bowman) became very ill, moved to Duchesne House in May and died on August 15th. With no-one available to join Marion, the remaining member, the house was closed.

You can read the general profile of the community and its members at that time here... and read about their work in inter-cultural dialogue here... 

In January 2017 we moved out of Hayes, Middlesex.