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Calligraphy and the Word

I had always admired the Annual Calligraphy Exhibition at Roehampton University and had a secret yearning to learn more. Until 1993, however, I was miles away, but then came to live on campus! I resolved at once to find time to attend the evening classes offered in Froebel college. From the first class by Margaret DaubneyI was hooked for life!

As this passion developed I realised that I could bind it into my spirituality by taking my favourite biblical texts and my own reflections on the Word, and that of scholars and spiritual writers to improve my skill daily. I think the reason this `hobby` grew so strong and so quickly was that it was actually already so closely linked with my desire to LIVE the Word of God. So I began to weave the web of my inner life at a snail`s pace and relishing each moment. Now I cannot live without the daily calligraphy practice. For example, in January 2007 I was inspired to write the first verse of each psalm, from 1 to 150, and I finished only in October of that year. There are 3 volumes of this - using an A4 sheet for each in books purchased from WH Smiths (about £2.99 each). Each Advent and Lent I focus particularly on the readings of that season, in order to prepare for the great Feasts of Christmas and Easter.

One of the texts which first captured me was: "The Word of God is alive and active, sharp as any two-edged sword..." (Heb 4) and another "Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly..." (Col 3). These and many others help me to weave a web of Words across my life to offer to others drawn to the Heart of Christ, a way into His secrets.

Mary McKeone rscj (RIP died September 2012)