...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...



Do you hunger for God to be at the 
centre of your life?

Are you seeking to live in a new
and more focused direction?

Do you have a restless spirit of 
generosity that compels you to give everything?

Are you a woman who wants to make 
a difference in our world?

Do the hurts of the world bother you 
so much that you wish you could ease 
them - even a little?

Do you have an instinct that you could do 
this better with others than you could alone?

For more information about becoming an RSCJ, 
and about our Society, spirituality, prayer, 
vows, mission and more
visit our vocations website


Religious of the Sacred Heart are women who:

Embrace a spirituality rooted in contemplation 
that moves to action


Desire to communicate the love of 
the Heart of Jesus


Have the hearts and minds of educators


Build communities as members of the worldwide
Society of the Sacred Heart


Welcome women who want to share our life and mission
through prayer, community and ministry


Vocations Contact: 
Sr Barbara Sweeney rscj
216A Wingrove Road, Newcastle, NE4 9DD
0191 272 3000