...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...

"... so as not to lose our bearings, we need to make our own the truth contained in good stories. Stories that build up, not tear down; stories that help us rediscover our roots and the strength needed to move forward together. Amid the cacophony of voices and messages that surround us, we need a human story that can speak of ourselves and of the beauty all around us. A narrative that can regard our world and its happenings with a tender gaze. A narrative that can tell us that we are part of a living and interconnected tapestry. A narrative that can reveal the interweaving of the threads which connect us to one another..."
(from Pope Francis' message for World Communications Day, May 2020)

As Covid19 has forced us to become physically distant and separated, we have been finding new ways to remain connected, rediscovering our roots and the strength needed to move forward together. A week before the Feast of the Sacred Heart we began a social wall, filled with the interwoven stories, reflections and photos of members of the Sacred Heart family, here and around the world, sharing what #BeingSacredHeart means for them.


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