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Janet Hopper NSCJ

Before becoming a candidate with the Society I would meet with Barbara, our vocations contact person, who gave me a small booklet called: 'Extracts from the Constitutions.' I can remember sitting on the X1 bus reading through it and thinking: YES! I have finally found the words that express why I am Youth Ministry Co-ordinator, why I have been a youth worker, why the work and the people matter.

Caught up as we are in the desires of His heart
we want people to grow in dignity as human beings
and as children of God.

That is what love does - when we love someone we confer a dignity on them. We let them know they are important, that they matter, that we know them and we do not want to hurt them. In these past two years as a Rahab volunteer I have often prayed this before going out and when I return home. It is what I would hope to bring to all my relationships. The Gospel has to be my starting point because in Jesus we see how to reveal that love of the Father, how to treat all people with dignity so that they can grow and flourish. 

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