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KayeThere has never been a time in my life when the Sacred Heart has not been at the centre of my life.

I was born in Ireland, the youngest of five children, and my mother died when I was three years old. My siblings told me that I was constantly going about the house saying “Sacred Heart of Jesus I place all my trust in Thee”, and told me that, as I toddled around clinging to my mother’s skirt she would be repeating this invocation, and I obviously learned the words, and more importantly, the meaning of the words at an early age.

As my father had to work, and could not look after all of us, the two youngest of us went to live with the Irish Sisters of Charity nearby but we were constantly in touch with the rest of the family. I heard about various different orders, but I used to say “When I grow up I will start an Order to the Sacred Heart”. My sister came to England and a few years later I came too when I was sixteen years old. I eventually got a job in service in a house in Wimbledon and heard about the Ursulines. I  wrote to Sisters in Ireland to ask if they knew of any  convents in England. At first I thought there were no convents in England because it was a Protestant country. I was told about Roehampton so I presented myself there on my next day off.  

Mother Newdigate opened the door and I said “I want to join you”. She sent for Mother Watts, and my heart went to my boots when I was told that these Sisters were a teaching order, and I knew there was no way I could do that.   But then I was told that there were Sisters too who looked after the practical work in the house. I was invited to have a job there as a lay person for a year before taking any further steps, and I happily accepted.

When the year was up I asked Mother Watts again if I could join. As I knew all of the lay staff there, she was concerned that I would not keep the rule of silence, knowing that I loved talking to people, so she asked me to go to the house in Brighton to continue working as a lay person. At the end of all that everyone was happy for me to enter, and I joined the noviceship at Roehampton in 1935.

All my life the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been the centre of my life and I have a great devotion to him in the Blessed Sacrament. People sometimes ask me how I make his love known in my life, and the answer is “I don’t know”.  
Kaye (Kathleen) Killoran RSCJ.

Many other people in the Province, and in so many other places have, and still do, experience Kaye’s warm, lively, caring concern for everyone she meets, and, unbeknown to her, meet  the tender, gentle, compassionate love of the Heart of Jesus.
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