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I work as a maths coach at the Sacred Heart High School in Fenham. I assist in classes and also do one-to-one sessions with students who, for various reasons, need extra support, or simply to fill in gaps in their knowledge and build up their confidence in the subject. 

It is a nice role to have as working with students on an individual basis means that you get to know them better, and it enables me to encourage them and build their confidence (which is half the battle in maths, as many students assume that they can’t do a question before they’ve even tried!) As with all education it’s what is being communicated beneath the surface too; hopefully the way in which I teach them communicates something much deeper and shows them that they are important, worth it and loved. 


In my spare time I like to spend time in the garden, especially growing vegetables. I am interested in the care of creation and learning to see it through God's eyes and Heart. 

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