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This association, active since 2003, is a network of volunteers originally within the island of Ireland that offers the possibility to people from 17 years upwards to do some voluntary work for a period of two weeks or longer in Kenya or Uganda, East Africa. The volunteers live with the Religious of the Sacred Heart and work along side them for the duration. They take time each day to reflect on what they have experienced and on return to their home country continue that reflection. An integral part of the experience is the preparation. This involves a residential with a focus on team building skills and an introduction to the host country’s culture, customs and history. There are also some skills-based sessions to prepare for the specific project. Over the years the projects have included painting classrooms, gardening, games, arts and crafts etc.

“It is hoped that the young people will have a real experience of life 
in a developing country and 
gain a greater awareness of the diversity of life styles 
and that this will nurture the desire
- they already have -
to be a positive influence for change in the world
and shape how they might think of going about that.

Besides sharing the life of the students in Uganda/ Kenya, 
it is planned that they will do a little 
to brighten the schools with their presence
and their contribution of paint and work.

Carmel Flynn rscj

The Association can also provide funding for initiatives, equipment and activities in the African schools, including CPD for staff and events for young people.

HUG and Fenham: read about the visit to Uganda - summer 2011

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