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In the Gospel, Jesus uses many parables and images of seeds, plants and crops. Jesus clearly spent a lot of time contemplating nature and through it the Father taught his Heart many things about the kingdom of God. I believe that the same can be true for us. Through sowing seeds and nurturing plants our hearts too can learn about the things of God. I'd like to share a couple of what I think are miracles of the garden.


Seeds are incredible, as you can see they vary a lot in shape and size, yet within each of them is the potential for life. All they need is the darkness of the earth, water and the warmth of the sun and in a few days they will germinate. 


Within a few months they will then become a fully grown plant, hopefully bearing much fruit. What a miracle! Here are some of the seeds that we have planted this year: Beetroot, sunflower, cauliflower and courgette.

We've planted them in these raised beds. Come back and look in a few months to see how they've grown. Hopefully it will actually get warm enough up here in Newcastle at some point for them to germinate!



For me, this is where another miracle of the garden happens – the compost bin!

In goes all of our vegetable and fruit peelings and other organic waste. Slowly (and with the help of many microorganisms and hungry worms!) it decomposes and becomes a very fertile compost. We have two compost bins, whilst one is being filled the other is left alone to become compost. 

This compost bin is just beginning to be used again after we took out all the rich and beautiful compost that had been produced – we are using it to grow potatoes in for the first time. It certainly makes me marvel at the genius of microorganisms and worms, the ultimate recyclers. Just think, without them we'd be drowning in organic rubbish! Maybe, the humble compost bin has a lot to teach us about ourselves too. 

Somebody the other day commented to me that often it is the things in ourselves that we view as “rubbish” that actually can become the very things that can “fertilise” our growth.

We don't just grow vegetables in our garden though, here are a few pictures of some of the other things to be found in our garden - A hellebore doing a great job of letting the sunlight shine through it and some tulips.

Siobhan Burke RSCJ