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Welcome to our Network! 

We have six schools and one college in our Network, all founded by the Society and collaborating in our shared mission



A sample of our activities
March & May 2017 - Leaders' & Goals Conferences
September 2016 - Heartfest 3
April 2016 - Leaders' Annual Conference in Joigny 

February 2016 - A visit to Duchesne House and Sacred Heart Primary, Roehampton

February 2015 - Lives changed in Mexico

The Co-ordinator - meet Hilary Thompson, Network Co-ordinator

The European Network of Sacred Heart Schools 


The European Network seeks to support actively the member schools and country specific networks in the development and implementation of their shared Sacred Heart ethos, and improving the relationships and building partnerships among Sacred Heart schools in the network


The European Network website

March & October 2016 - At home with Sophie ~ photo gallery


November 2015 - The Philippine Migration Prayer project 2015

A worldwide network


Networking with sister schools across the world strengthens sharing, exchange and commitment between our institutions. International conferences help build relationships which deepen our understanding of Sacred Heart Education 

Growing links and support for our schools across the world


Fifth International Conference for Heads of Sacred Heart Schools - 21st - 25th October 2015, Mexico


Fourth International Conference for Heads of Sacred Heart Schools - 20-24 October 2011, Taiwan

The United States and Canada Schools' Network map of all our schools


We have been an international community from the beginnings of the Society, and living internationality and interculturality is part of our vocation. 
This gift of the Spirit is rooted in our charism.


Patricia Garcia de Quevedo RSCJ, Letter to the Society 25th May 1995




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Sacred Heart High School Newcastle Sacred Heart Primary School, Fenham Sacred Heart Primary, Roehampton Beechwood Sacred Heart School, Tunbridge Wells Woldingham School Sacred Heart High School, Hammersmith Digby Stuart College, Roehampton