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Sunrise through a frosty window

Letting go into God


‘In God’s light we see light.’ 

‘The Eye is the Lens of the Heart’ was the title of a Retreat I made a number of years ago.  During that Retreat my attraction to colour and beauty was re-awakened and I began to paint, something I had not done since ‘O’ Level Art at school.  Attending Art evening classes followed, where I learned techniques and skills.  A few years later I bought my first camera.  I am discovering through the use of these two very different media that what attracts and fascinates me is the use and play of light.  The awareness of light and shade in a two-dimensional object like a painting or photograph is what gives the picture its three dimensionality.  I and the viewer are drawn into its depths or drawn beyond it to another realm. For me in these last years the words I would use to describe my experience of God are words associated with Light…….Darkness…..Shadow……It is my experience or not of God that gives my life three dimensionality, depth, purpose , direction….

As an rscj  I hope this translates into compassion. For where the eye of the heart is drawn to the other person or the self to see or be given the depth of self in all its light and shade the response drawn forth is often one of compassion.  

‘If you can awaken the eternal beauty and light of your soul, then you will bring light wherever you go.’  
Eternal Echoes John Donohue


Bluebell Wood

Steph Romaine rscj