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"When I was a little girl I used to write short stories, which I also illustrated with my own drawings. My fertile imagination and observation of life were supplemented by the hundreds of books I would read in the course of a year, which gave me untold ideas for new plotlines. I even wrote the odd poem - ones that rhymed and scanned, of course, as that was the only sort of poetry I knew.

As I grew older, I channelled all this creativity into keeping a diary. Words and emotions poured from my pen as I recorded my teenage angsts, frustrations and pleasures. Since then I have sporadically kept a journal; but even when I don't journal I still find myself thinking in words, distinctly describing what I see and how I feel. Many unwritten reflections have swirled around my head, sometimes coming out in conversation, sometimes not.

I love words. I love their sounds and feel, but more than that, I love their origins and lost or hidden meanings, their versatility, the way I can play with them, their ability to surprise me. I love to compare them with their counterparts in other languages, to dismember them and then rebuild them anew, with fresh eyes and understanding..."

And with these words I began my blog, in April 2011... in which I hoped to take my various loves - of words, photography, creativity - and place them at the service of my central love, the Love to which I have pledged my life. And thus I began a new adventure...

I called my blog All this life and heaven too (you can find out why here...), and on my first anniversary, in a post entitled A year of heaven I said this:

"Just in case it hasn't been abundantly clear to everyone, let me start by saying I have LOVED blogging! It's been a challenge, a joy and a tremendous creative outlet: for writing, primarily, but also for matching images to what I write, which can mean seeing into and beyond the words - seeing them visually, so to speak. But it is the words which have been uppermost, and engaged in a cyclical dynamic, in which reflection leads to writing which leads to further reflection, especially if there have been comments and feedback.

And those comments have been another joy. I have not been writing for my eyes or enjoyment only, but engaged in a kind of dialogue with others, in which comments have the power to shed new light on what I have written, making me think and see anew. In the process I have strengthened or formed relationships with several people, especially other bloggers. I have never met most of them, except in cyberspace, but I can recognise and appreciate their writing at a hundred paces. The times when we have each had a different slant on a similar theme have been as enjoyable and illuminating as receiving comments on my own posts..."

So if you haven't already done so, why not come and share a little bit of Heaven with me...?

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Silvana Dallanegra rscj