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How do we give expression to our spirituality?

‘If we seek God in the world about us
we shall find him nowhere, but if we find him within
we shall begin to find him everywhere’. Eckhart

What transports us to a deep silence? Watching the sun rise and set, the majesty of the landscape, music, words. One way for me is through sacred dance. When I begin a dance, with feet in first position, hands held at the heart, it is one of those moments of stillness in the presence of the One who calls me to open my heart. Hands which move away from the heart centre to second position open my heart in response to that call to go beyond myself.

I do not set out to pray when I dance. In some dances, I discover, the outward expression of what I experience within. The dances are the active words, the picture of my inner self, an entering into and experiencing the Divine Mystery

In dance there will be a moments of stillness, no matter how fleeting, it resonates in the body like a breath. Outwardly there is great movement but they come from a still centre.

Lorraine Pratt RSCJ.