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On 17th October 2018 Amy Micallef Eynaud RSCJ celebrates her 100th birthday.


Born in Malta in the final weeks of World War I, Amy came to England in the summer of 1939, and entered the noviciate in Roehampton just before the outbreak of World War II. She made her first vows in 1942 - thus celebrating her 75th anniversary last year, and earlier this year kept the 70th anniversary of her perpetual profession. During these past ten decades she has certainly lived through some very notable, historic events, and great changes in society, the Church and technology.


Amy, who is part of Duchesne House community, is celebrating her century at home, culminating with a festive tea with her community and the staff, other sisters, and some of her family and friends. When she was asked if she had any message to be shared via the website, she said the following:


I have a deep gratitude to all and everyone in the Society; for all that I have received. The advice I would give to anybody who is approaching my age is to be open and ready to receive, because from what I have learnt and listened to is that each one of us has so much to give and that’s a reflection of God’s goodness and love.


I would like to thank God also for all the opportunities I have had throughout my life. My favourite hymn is ‘Oh, the love of my Lord’. This hymn expresses completely the presence of God’s beauty and power among us and to me, the longer I live, the more aware I am of how God comes through other people, nature and the events of everyday life.



We too would like to give thanks, for all the blessings she has received, and the gift Amy continues to be, to God and to all of us.




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