...we answer God's call - to discover and make known - the love of the Heart of Jesus...

Prayer & Reflection

On Friday 27th June RSCJ from England-Wales will gather with the General Council and visitors from all over the world, here for the Janet Stuart events, to celebrate the Feast of the Sacred Heart. A few share what this will mean for them...

On the Feast of the Sacred Heart I will be celebrating...

Gratitude for His fidelity - thanks for our International Society as we come together in a special way this year at Roehampton with many of our Sisters from various provinces.

... In union with all the RSCJs in the Society the Joy of my vocation - 
to love and spread the Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with all I come into contact with.

... The love of God which overcomes all evil in the world

... Our COR UNUM in a Society given to spreading the love of His Heart to each one we meet.

... The abundant love of Jesus' Open, Welcoming Heart, and our common call to discover and proclaim that love with our lives.

And a sister currently living in Spain sends this message...

With my community in Madrid in the morning, and with the zone of greater Madrid in the evening (as a symbolic celebration of the forthcoming creation of one Province in Spain), I will celebrate the all-inclusive love of the Heart of Jesus, welcoming people from every part of the world and inviting us into greater union in His Heart.

With love to all of you from many parts of the world who will be celebrating at Roehampton.

And you... what will you celebrate?

Image by Regina Shin RSCJ, USC