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"God's choice to become incarnate not only gives us reason to have hope in God. The Incarnation also reveals that God has hope in us...


God has hope in us, enough to enter more deeply into the world and its troubles rather than to flee or to turn away from us. The Gospel authors emphasise that Jesus’ birth takes place in a world with its own particular forms of darkness. Jesus is born as a Jewish child into a land under Roman occupation. His birth takes place in the poverty of a stable. Jesus and his parents become refugees shortly after his birth, when they must flee to Egypt.


God never gives up on the world even in the midst of great sin and suffering. I am finding that is my own invitation: to have hope and to find the ways in which I can try to contribute actively to peace, justice, and love from my own small corner of the world. No one of us is God, but we can still act and hope in a God who hopes in us."



From God has Hope in us, a reflection by Marina McCoy, in IgnatianSpirituality.com 

Photo by Marion Charley rscj