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Prayer & Reflection

Epiphany, the day we celebrate the arrival at the stable of the Three Kings or Wise Men or Travellers from the East, having followed a star that led them to Bethlehem and the baby Jesus.


There is debate about who they were, when they arrived (it's likely this was not when Jesus was a baby). We might argue about them following a star that stopped over Bethlehem. But...


There is much to take from the story. This year as I have mulled over the feast it dawned on me: they kept focused on the light. Kept following it, over a length of time, through whatever terrain they encountered. They trusted it when others tried to redirect them and through threats and struggle. No matter how small, dim, distant, fickle or how dark it might have been around the light. It doesn’t matter how long it took, their resolute focus on the light brought them to the answer of their search and questions. It brought them to a greater light and probably left them with more questions but now they have a new light. If we assume they travelled together at some point perhaps one of them had to keep the others focused on the light, had to point to it when the others could only see the dark.


That is what I have to do, to try to keep focused on the light even when it seems dim, distant and fickle. At times when I can’t see it, reach out to others who can point me back it.


Maybe we need to keep focused on the light for those who can’t see it, because if we can keep focused those who can’t might come with us and rediscover it.


Reflection by Janet Hopper rscj

Photo by Steph Romaine rscj