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Entries for January 2018

The text of the Gospel (John 15: 5-17) speaks about love. It shows us the image of the vine and its branches, and it speaks about the relationship of Jesus with his Father and with his disciples, and their relationship with Jesus. The vine is a whole that unifies different relationships; they are not independent parts, but rather relationships that flow towards one another. It is an invitation to live in intimacy with Jesus, building a warm relationship based on Love, an extreme love that encourages life.


Jesus invites us to remain united to the vine, which is Himself, to dwell in the experience of His love. He repeats constantly “If you remain in me, you will bear much fruit”. This is the key to bearing much fruit: dwelling, and living united to Him in a vital way.


How do we achieve that? Jesus says: “If you keep my commandments you remain in my love”, “This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you”. More than a commandment, we can say it is a consequence, an imperative that arises from inside, because whoever has experienced the love of Jesus and dwells in this Love, feels an immense joy and cannot do anything but express what they carry inside: Love.



From the reflection given at the profession ceremony in Rome, 28th January 2018. Full text here