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Prayer & Reflection

Entries for October 2013

A reflection by Janet Hopper NSCJ, who became a novice in early October 2013


I took this photo during my retreat at Lllannerchwen. I had caught a glimpse of the bird flying but it seemed to soon disappear. It returned this time soaring higher and higher until it was almost a dark speck against the grey sky. My first thought was how beautiful it looked as it soared with seemingly little effort on its own part. It abandons itself to a thermal and trusts it to carry as it needs.

As I continued to watch this image spoke to me of the journey I am embarking upon. The bird has to find the right thermal and then be carried by it to where it wants and needs to be: I have searched for my ‘thermal’, abandoning myself to the love of God in the Heart of Jesus which has now brought me to this place.