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Prayer & Reflection

Entries for November 2009

To celebrate the Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne we focus on three pictures, drawn some years ago, by an English RSCJ, Mother Catherine who worked as an illustrator for Punch before entering. They show Philippine kissing the ground on arrival in America; meeting the Potowotamies for the first time; and deep in prayer, unaware of the the young Indian who is kissing her habit.

If you click on each one in turn you will find three quotes of Philippine. Here are some questions around the quotes, for personal reflection.

- Have I ever been invited along the “narrow path”?

- How did I feel and was I able to trust?
- What if Jesus were to invite me now, or in the future to something very challenging?
- What do the words “no difficulties” evoke for me?
- Am I attracted to “the missionary life?”
- How can I be a missionary in my daily life?