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Entries for November 2011

November 18th - Feast of Philippine Duchesne November 21st - Birthday of the Society

During the month of November we celebrate the anniversary of our foundation, and three important women in our story, who each embarked on a deeply personal journey into God.


These three women were called to change their lives, and because they were open to God, they responded even through many difficulties.

Sophie overcame her early timidity to lead the Society, gradually learning to assert her authority in crises as she also took the lead in developing and articulating our charism and mission. Philippine's wholehearted response to God's call led her to take the Society to the United States, where, despite many difficulties and setbacks she ensured the Society was well-established. Janet's journey took her from life in an Anglican rectory to complete openness to God in the Society.

We also remember the small group of young women who freely and generously made their first commitment with Sophie on November 21st 1800, little knowing what what happen next, but trusting completely in the God to whom they pledged themselves.

On YOUR Journey to God what are you being called to...?

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