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Entries for February 2010

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Resources for Lent 3We are now in the season of Lent;

- a time when we are called to “Repent and believe the Good News”.
- a time to look at our lives and to open our hearts to the transforming power of the Spirit of Jesus in the words of Scripture, and dwelling deep within us “that we may bear fruit in abundance”.

Here are some Old Testament figures who listened deeply to God’s Word and were changed as a result

Hannah: 1 Samuel , 1:1-20.
Samuel: 1 Samuel, 3:1-10
Samuel and David: 1 Samuel, 16:1-13.
Jeremiah: Jeremiah, 1:4-5. 1 –19
Isaiah: Isaiah 6:1-8

To think about.

In each of these stories the people concerned learned to listen to God and then respond to what was heard. There were often human intermediaries.


How open am I to listen to what God is asking me?

Do I recognise the human events and intermediaries which reveal God’s call to me?

At the beginning of Mark’s gospel we find Jesus listening deeply to his Father, to discover how he was to live his mission of “bringing good news to the poor”.
Jesus’ Baptism Matthew 3:13– 17.
The temptations Luke 4: 1-13

Starting his public ministry:

Mark, chapters 1:14 - 3:1-6.

To think about.

What were the elements that went into Jesus’
“launch” of himself into his public ministry?

Are any of them present in my life?

Do I have any resistances to the demands of living the Good News?