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Entries for February 2013

Lenten days lie ahead, a path well trod with might-have-beens

Somehow the Cross - that mighty key to eternity - is less endearing on closer observation. I'm not sure I can bear its weight.


God smiles a little,
spring flowers bloom 

birds mate.
And we wait,
or hurry through the forty days
giving-up or taking on
this or that
teeth clenched till Easter
and the chocolate egg.

Shallow thoughts from shallow people.

The Cross we nimbly skirt around
rears up from earth's depths
cannot be avoided
pointing as it does
each compass corner,
it does not ask to be borne or carried
but pondered on
- this instrument of our pardoning -

for He, who hung upon this tree
stands on the further shore 
wound-studded hands and feet
pierced Heart,
welcomes us, for all is done.


Poem by Anne Hine RSCJ
Photo by Steph Romaine RSCJ
From the book Soul Speak, a collaboration between Anne and Steph, copies of which can be obtained from Steph at Llannerchwen