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Prayer_Reflection May 2010There has been an unprecedented number of natural disasters in many different parts of the world in the past few months. Events bringing suffering, death, destruction, inconvenience, and huge challenges to bring about a return to normality.

Earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, Turkey and China
Landslides in Uganda and Kenya
Hurricanes in France
Floods in Spain
An erupting volcano in Iceland
A long, cold, dark, winter in Northern Europe

As believers, we may ask ourselves “What is God telling us through all of these events?” Perhaps some of the answers are...

Despite humankind's many achievements we are still very fragile and vulnerable.
We are not so much in control of the events that shape our lives as we like to think we are.
We need to pray for courage, perseverance and hope for those who suffer, and to be in solidarity with them in prayer and, where possible, offer material help.

We are asked to give thanks for the opportunities modern technology provide for knowing about, and being in solidarity with those who suffer in many different parts of the world.

The branches of the tree in the photograph were laden with snow during the darkest time of winter. Now it is Spring, and the first lilac buds are beginning to open – a foretaste of the moments of beauty and glory when it is full bloom. A further resurrection sign, of life springing from a moment of dying.

Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie 25th May

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