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Entries for April 2011

Easter 2011Burst, Pierced, Broken, Opened.

And in sympathy, the centurion took his spear and pierced his side; burst, pierced, broken, opened that man’s heart to make sure of death the agony of dehydration having gone on too long.

Burst, pierced, broken, opened so we should know that turned outside in lies all creation’s transformation.
Burst, pierced, broken opened the spear of truth penetrating the pith of being revealing that all-redeeming love
Burst, pierced, broken, opened the thrust that brings continual conversion to living in Love.
Anne Hine RSCJ

Third Day Dawn

As the first silver line of dawn
lit the morning sky arms loaded with burial cloths hands filled with myrrh eyes with tears and hearts with the heaviness of grief. they hurried worried about how they’d move the stone.

They stopped, aghast at the empty place, where last his body lay. It was not there.
Shock numbed the senses, time stood still.
Who? Where? What?
Then saw the borrowed grave cloths still wrapped on the floor and light lit the scene.
He was not here then where?

Three days, too late He’d risen as He’d  said. And Magdalen – it would be her – Said she had seen him, he’d called her by name and said, they, the women, were to tell the men and everyone this good news this good news
He’d risen from the dead just as He’d said.
Anne Hine RSCJ

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