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Entries for April 2017

As we gaze in silence at the face of Jesus, and cup our hands to receive the saving blood and living water from his pierced Heart, we also receive them from the pierced heart of humanity. The pierced Heart of Jesus holds humanity and in humanity we encounter the pierced Heart of Jesus. “I was hungry and you gave me to eat, naked and you clothed me, dirty and you bathed me… lonely and you visited me… senile and you listened to me… speechless and you gave me voice… doubled over and you helped me to stand up straight…” 


As we stay with the image of the pierced Heart we get glimpses of the Kingdom where the poor are invited to the table and given the places of honour.


What is it that will allow us to continue to receive that blood and water and allow it to transform us, flowing through us to others? I think the cupped hands symbolise an openness, like the openness of an empty vessel, to receive the Love that comes from an open wound that heals our open wounds. It is an openness borne of a deep silence that allows us to discover, receive, and communicate his Love. It is an openness to all the ways that Love is mediated – through others, through the one who is different and perhaps not very loveable; through the dialogue between cultures, between generations, sometimes through what we would not choose ourselves.

~ Clare Pratt RSCJ, June 2006

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