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Prayer & Reflection

Entries for April 2019

Some reflections for this holy time from Sophie Barat...


Good Friday

"The forces of evil are going to put me to death;
it is necessary that I leave you,
but my love cannot bear separation;
I am going to institute this holy sacrament
and through it I will always be with you
and with those who come after you,
until the end of the world."

~ How could our hearts resist such love?



Holy Saturday

Reflect before the tabernacle, 
calm yourself, empty yourself
face-to-face with fullness...
renew yourself in the wounds of 
Jesus Christ,
especially in the wound of his side;
it is ours... and then 
live anew joyously.



Easter Sunday

"On the first day of the week, 
at early dawn, the women
came to the tomb..."

~ Mary Magdalene is the
first adorer of the Heart of Jesus,
and she must be the model for our love,
a tender and generous love
that refuses nothing
and is always ready for the complete gift of self.