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Entries for May 2015

On 25th May 2015 - a day after Pentecost Sunday - we celebrate 150 years since St Madeleine Sophie entered the fullness of life


Let your heart be more attentive than your head, for the Holy Spirit is love, and to take hold, it is more important to love than to understand...

Courage and confidence!


If I could live my life over again, I would seek only to live in complete openess to the Holy Spirit.

May my silence, 
give place to your word, 
my repose to your action, 
my death to your life...


To St Madeleine Sophie

You were French and small and quick
Like a sparrow, a happy little bird,
When you laughed it was fun.
You had the Burgundy sun
in your veins - yes - and the wine,
But what have I got in mine?


A pocket of old Welsh mist,
with the English rain and the fog,
and a bit of a Scottish bog:
What would we have to say
to each other you and I ?
Yet, when we meet, and I
hesitate and shyly stand by,
Will you not call out "ma fille"
And hold out both your arms to me?
Yes! I know you will.


Poem written by Joan Scott RSCJ
just after her perpetual profession of vows 
(February 1956)

Happy Feast!