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Entries for June 2012

Feast of the Sacred HeartOne of the soldiers 
pierced his side with a spear, 
and at once 
blood and water came out 
(John 19: 34)

Jesus brought the Society forth on Calvary when from His pierced side there came forth with His blood the ultimate pledge of His love for us...
The Heart of Jesus was opened to us by the lance; we shall enter its depths only be the same road... 

(St Madeleine Sophie Barat)


The pierced Heart of Jesus opens our being to the depths of God and to the anguish of humankind 
(Consts, para 8)

In the pierced Heart are united the superabundance of sin and the superabundance of love. 
(Helen McLaughlin RSCJ, 1987)

Jesus’ open, welcoming Heart is open because a soldier’s lance pierced it, releasing a torrent 
of blood and water. The entrance to that Heart is an open wound, a wound that never closes. 
And He invites us to gaze upon it - to enter it, rest in it and find there the healing that we seek, 
that we cannot bring about ourselves. 
(Clare Pratt RSCJ, 2003)

Where and how do we encounter the piercing of Jesus' Heart in our world and in our everyday lives?