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Prayer & Reflection

Entries for June 2016

"As we fix our gaze on Jesus poor and once more resolve to follow him in the midst of our fear-gripped world, our logo of the world inside the Heart takes on a new meaning.


The Heart of Jesus is a place of refuge and welcome, a shelter, a safe place, a place of peace where every fear is put to rest. His is a Heart open to ALL. 


Like a mother, He reaches out to the weakest and most vulnerable, the mentally and physically handicapped, the psychologically fragile, the addict, the prisoner, the refugee, the unwanted and unloved, those suffering any form of rejection. His Heart is the wounded heart of humanity...


United in our celebration of Jesus' unfathomable, inexhaustible love, let us ask in all honesty: do we look upon the invitation to follow Jesus poor as a precious gift...? Does it fill us with joy? Are our efforts to be for the poor... rooted and grounded in love for Him and for those who bear His wounds?"


~ Clare Pratt RSCJ, Superior General 2000-8

Extract from a letter to the Society written in June 2003



Where do you find the Heart of Jesus in the world, with all its pain and beauty? 

How are you being called to make known his unfathomable love, especially to those who may feel furthest away and most unloved?