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Entries for June 2018

Stories of evacuation to Kendal, Mater Admirabilis and RSCJ sisters who made a deep impression on my mother were part and parcel of my childhood. Not a “Sacred Heart Girl” myself, it was in my teacher training year at Digby Stuart College that I met members of the Society myself as an adult, and then when I started my first post at Sacred Heart High School in Hammersmith. It was through them that I began to think of my faith in a completely different way. It was through them that I began to discover what the Heart of Jesus really meant to me.

Their way was different: open, relational, inclusive and attentive. Prayer was simple, focussed and reflective. Whilst school had its ups and downs as all places with people do, there was a deep love and concern at the centre, certainly for the young people in our care, but also for staff members.

Much later, after taking up my present role with the Society, I discovered the 1982 Constitutions. It seems to me they are a hidden gem which need to be shouted from the roof tops: so poetic, so beautiful. Here is an edited section of Constitution 4:

“By our charism, we are consecrated to Glorifying the Heart of Jesus: we answer His call to discover and reveal His love... and through our love and service to radiate the very love of His Heart.”

The secondary interpreters of Sacred Heart Education, the lay teachers in our schools, live their lives differently to religious, but in my experience in this country, so many of them hold the young people in their care at the core of what they do, especially the most vulnerable. In so doing they too, in their own ways, are radiating the very love of Jesus’ Heart through their love and service.

Hilary Thompson 
Sacred Heart Schools & College Network Coordinator


June is the month traditionally devoted to the Sacred Heart
This year the Feast of the Sacred Heart is on Friday 8th June