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Entries for July 2011

A recent gospel was the story of Moses and the burning bush – the bush aflame but not consumed; God’s call to Moses, from the middle of the bush, to draw near, and to remove his shoes “for the place on which you stand is holy ground.”

Holy ground because God is present in the ordinariness of a bush, but who transformed that ordinariness into holy ground with fire that did not consume.

Jesus came among us as a man and shared all that human life is about; he is still with us through his Spirit, alive in the world, and in our hearts, calling us to be transformed, to be the “holy ground” of his Presence on earth.  Present too in the sufferings of humanity where his heart continues to be pierced, as it was on the Cross.

At this moment there are two special places where that Heart continues to be pierced, and the “holy ground” of people’s lives is trampled upon.

The on-going revelations of intrusion, deceit and corruption by News International, are causing extra, profound suffering to those whose suffering lives have been invaded in order to sell newspapers.
The unfolding serious humanitarian disaster in some East African countries as the famine causes thousands of people to flee their homes and seek help in the Aid camps.
In the phone-hacking scandal it seems unbelievable that an organisation could take advantage of people experiencing such suffering, and all for the purpose of financial gain, and power.

At the same time £15,000,000 has been donated to the Famine Disaster Appeal in the week since it began, by ordinary, decent, compassionate people in our country.

For reflection

Which of these two stories gets more media coverage?

How do I react to these two issues?

How might I be the Heart of God in these situations?

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