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Entries for September 2016


On Thursday 8th September a new probation (group preparation for final vows) opened in Rome. To guide this group over the next five months, the probation team chose this theme and image from a 17th century Russian icon of Christ, Wisdom and Redemption:


In her opening conference Superior General Kathleen Conan rscj shared some reflections on this theme. Although the words were addressed to the probanists, they can surely speak to all our hearts and desires. 


Come... first of all to Jesus, hearing and integrating more deeply Jesus' desire for you to come to know him more personally and to deepen your relationship with him. Come... not alone, but with these your sisters from around the world with whom you build an international community.


Learn from me... these months are a privileged time to learn... and the most important learnings will be those that become part of your living  --  Jesus, as you notice in the image, is pointing to his interior self, a space of integration.


Rest... rest in God, abide in Jesus in the spirit of John 15; cultivate a life of prayer in which silence enables us to listen, to hear, to discern the desires of God's Heart. May your resting in God strengthen you in the love, passion, and fidelity of Jesus' Heart.


Love through me... keeping our eyes and hearts focused on Jesus, noticing how he loves, letting his love shape our attitudes, entering into his way of loving...  all these are ways of coming to love through him. Probation is a time for your capacity for love to deepen and expand.



The image, and more about the probation, can be found on our international website.